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Toy of the Week: Wind up Toys

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Toy of the Week: Wind up Toys

Age: Toddlers

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What are wind up toys?

Wind up toys are handheld and turn on with a clockwork motor. They come in different figurines and shapes. They are a wonderful cause and effect toy. If you turn the motor, the toy does an action.

Using wind up toys to help your child’s speech and language development...

Wind Up Toys are great cause and effect toys for toddlers -- you turn the knob and the toy moves. For children who are preverbal, you can focus on early receptive and expressive vocabulary and signs like “help,” “more,” “go,” “please,” “turn,” and “mine.” I also introduce early verbs while the toys move around, “run,” “jump,” “slide,” “hop,” “stop,” and “spin.” Next, expand to phrases and sentences, like “froggy jump,” “bunny hop,” “dog go,” “monkey is driving.”

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