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Toy of the Week: Fisher-Price Piggy Bank

Toy of the Week: Fisher-Price Piggy Bank

Age: Toddlers

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What is a Fisher-Price Piggy Bank?

With this toy, you put one piece inside the piggy and do it again until the container is full. You can turn it on and listen to recorded directions, but removing batteries can help encourage verbal language, interactions between the adult and child, and less focus on the toy itself.

Using Fisher-Price Piggy Bank to help your child’s speech and language development...

Though the coins in the bank are colorful, this toy does not have to be about teaching and learning colors. For preverbal children, you can work on using gesture language to request additional pieces. Gestures include “more” or putting a hand out to ask. For verbal children, target simple requests like, "can I have __," "give me __," " I want __" and "__ please" Whether you are encouraging signs or verbal words, these are great for repetition! As the child gets older, you can target colors, numbers, and animals as each coin has a combination of the three. You can even have a child search for a specific coin to work on following auditory directions.

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