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Toy of the Week: No Spill Bubbles

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Toy of the Week: No Spill Bubbles

Age: Toddlers and preschoolers

What are no spill bubbles?

Bubbles are pretty self-explanatory, but they aren’t just to look at and pop. You can use bubbles as a tool to help build speech and language skills. No spill bubbles are a must have, especially if you use them indoors.

Using bubbles to help your child’s speech and language development...

Bubbles are a great tool to pull out during a rough moment in a session or just to have some fun and get moving. We all know kids love bubbles but speech-language pathologists might love them even more because you can target all sorts of speech and language goals. Social language goals include joint attention, sharing, and turn taking. In terms of language, you can work on answering questions ("who popped the bubble?" "where did it pop?"), gestures, signs, building vocabulary, and expanding sentence length. When it comes to speech production goals, you can target imitating early speech sounds “b” for “bubble” and “p” “pop.” Having a child blow through the bubble wand can help support oral motor development as well.


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