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Hi Teammates!


Having experienced the transition to teletherapy first hand due to COVID-19, I know it comes with a ton of headaches. I hope our new partnership with SimplePractice will help alleviate one of those challenges -- access to affordable HIPAA compliant teletherapy. 


With this partnership, we are announcing a 30 day free trial of SimplePractice that includes their teletherapy capabilities, and you will receive an additional 1 month free when you upgrade to a paid subscription* -- all because you are with Speech Teammate!


Click here to start the free trial and get access to the free month promotion. 


While Facetime, Google Hangouts, and the free version of Zoom allowed for a quick solution to our teletherapy needs as HIPAA compliance loosened, I felt like I was rolling the dice on client privacy every time I used Facetime (or when I saw Zoom’s security breaches in the headlines). SimplePractice was the HIPAA compliant solution I turned to to help move my private practice to teletherapy and hopefully, it helps you as well. 


I hope this helps a little bit as we all make it through these trying times and beyond as newly minted teletherapists!


Thank you for all that you do, 


*Please note, this offer is valid for new customers only. This promotion is only valid if you sign up with the designated link. The same promotion is not guaranteed if you sign up for a trial using any other link.

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